Promotional foldable Bags

Promotional folding bags customised with your company logo. Second to pens, branded bags are the most popular promotional item in the UK and will be used repeatedly. Folding promotional bags are the ultimately multi use small then big promotional giveaway.

Promotional reusable tote bags are the perfect combination of fashion and eco friendliness. Our reusable folding totes allow your bag to become a walking billboard for prospects. Branded tote bags are the ideal way to help your customer never forget your brand at home. Choose from over a dozen reusable tote bag options including football, lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry and non-woven bags in a huge variety of styles and colours. As a leading bag supplier in the promotional gift industry,   customizable, printed tote bags. Let our custom folding bags be your jump into the promotional future and emblazon one of these goodies with your logo.

Promotional foldable bags are popular reusable bag for retail promotions – can be used as a giveaway or sold at point of purchase. Also popular for promotional events such as conferences & trade/consumer shows. Branded promotional foldable bags can be customised to fold into a wide selection of various shapes and sizes.

Printed re-usable foldable shopping bags are ideal for making your brand stand out from the crowd. Nobody wants to lug around a big bag all day or carry on buying plastic carrier bags at 5p a time, do they? Promotional foldable shopping bags last long, are compact, convenient and quality made; a match made in heaven!

Foldable Shopping Bag

Customised range of fold away shopping bags can be customised to suit your personal needs. If you’re looking to promote your brand, these reusable bags are your best bet. They’re eco-friendly too, which will further add to the appeal. Not only will people be exposed to your brand’s logo, they’ll associate your business with being green!

The beauty of these printed bags is that they’re really useful. It’s all very well having products that promote your business, but if they’re not particularly suitable for everyday use, they’ll be tossed to the side and forgotten about. And you don’t want that for your brand, do you? Foldable shopping bags make for perfect promotional giveaways.

Branded foldable bags are a fantastic and convenient choice. A range of colours and sizes to suit any business needs. With the shopping bag costing 5p there has never been a better time to introduce Personalised fold up shopping bags.

Promotional folding shopping bags with a pouch are fashionable and funky Folding Totes collection includes expertly crafted designs guaranteed to increase brand exposure and attract new prospects. Showcase your sustainable-centric brand with a custom design order of eco-friendly Folding Totes. Promote eco-responsible efforts on a medium that sparks interest, admiration and appreciation.

Personalised Fold Up Shopping Bags are perfect for slipping into your bag or pocket for when you need them later. This handy, lightweight personalised shopping bag folds up small for easy transport and storage, complete with a practical belt clip. Ample space for your company name, brand or logo!

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