Printed Balloons

Printed Balloons

Printed Balloons & promotional Balloons

Printing Balloons are inexpensive, yet effective advertising tools.

Promotional Balloons can be an excellent marketing tool, especially when used in conjunction with other promotional items. You can use custom printed promotional balloons as giveaways during special events, business conferences, during an open house, at trade fairs… there are so many ways you can use them to convey your marketing message.

Personalised balloons are inexpensive, yet effective advertising tools.

Not only Printed Balloons are a reliable, cost effective way to promote an event, festival or shows. They are a popular choice for Product Launches, Grand Openings, Corporate Events, Giveaways, Galas, Proms and Releases.

Make your business stand out from the crowd by choosing Promotional Balloons with your own corporate logo or a special message; we can print multiple colours onto Latex 12” balloons.

All balloons can also come with accessories  which you may also require: Balloon Cups and Sticks, Helium, Heli-Valves with Ribbon, Balloons Pumps etc.

Printed Balloons

Printed Balloons Personalised with your logo

Branded balloons  or corporate balloons can create great focal points when displayed in bunches, this proves popular for Corporate dinners and events, they are also ideal for new store openings and a perfect way to promote any new business.

Printed balloons make a fantastic decoration for corporate event, as well as goody bags. With over 75 latex balloon colours to choose from, we can co-ordinate with any corporate colour scheme or branding.

If you are planning an event soon please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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