Personalised Stress Balls

Personalised Stress Balls

Personalised Stress Balls are popular best selling promotional gifts. They have been an industry classic for many years due to their advertising reach and usability.

Promotional Stressball’s are a fantastic popular low cost way of getting your message across. When at a exhibition stand just squeeze the stress ball and see the potential client wanting to do the same. Squeezing stress balls can be called addictive as clients will keep on squeezing and your message will be seen many times after the event.

Promotional stress toys are fun, colourful and available in a wide range of styles to suite the requirement of your industry. From time to time working with clients to create a bespoke stress item or bespoke stress ball to meet your requirement.

Printed stress balls can be pad printed with your logo or company name and come in a range of colour options to provide you with vibrant canvas for your promotional message. Our branded stress balls which has a large printing area which allows plenty of room for your corporate message to be seen.

Promotional stress balls have a massive target audiences, children, adults, professionals and so on can all find space for stress ball in their lives. Take the stress out of your next promotion and advertising drive with personalised stress balls.

We hold plenty of different shapes, sizes and colours in our personalised stress toy range and all of them can be customised with your design. So if you’re promoting your local dentist with a Tooth Stress Item to hand out before their check up or a custom printed Earth Stress Item for promoting a greener earth,  or Promotional Stress Cow for farmers market, we have something for everyone. They’re great for any kind of giveaway and with, with a style to suit everyone, you’ll never run short of a promotional stress toy!

When you’re in need of a different take on your squeezy stress toy, our custom printed Fidget Spinner will provide you with hours of entertainment. Held between your finger and thumb, you can swizzle away the stress. Plus, it’s small enough to slip into your pocket and take with you on all your journeys.


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