Branded Merchandised – Where are the used?

Branded merchandise is a wide term which encompasses all promotional items. This means any product which can be branded with logo is classified as branded merchandise.

Below I have listed popular places branded merchandise are used and is targeting your client is a must.

Conference – Conferences are full of people with common interest. You can use printed lanyards, id badges, promotional pens which are popular promotional branded gifts.

Exhibitions – Exhibitions are obviously full of business people with a common interest. At exhibitions popular promotional products includes printed pens, promotional USBs, Printed Stress balls

Seminars- Seminars attract business people of all sorts and you can use high end promotional merchandise like Promotional Parker Stainless Steel Pens, printed Laptop bags, personalised blue tooth speakers, or Virtual reality headset because the number of people coming to seminars will be limited and high flyers from different businesses.

Training Courses – Open training courses are excellent for meeting like minded business people who are in the industry. You can add value my offering promotional pencils, printed note pads, printed calculators which has a broad appeal and your client will appreciate it.

Chambers of Commerce- All town centres have at least one chamber of commerce specifically to bring local business people together and they hold open days in the evening or will be at local fun days where they give out printed cotton bags, personalised pens, printed wristbands to encourage local business to join.

Professional body – Every profession and trade has a represented and connected by at least one official body, which tends to act on behalf of it’s members and also offers various promotional printed gifts like printed powerbanks, printed magnets, promotional stress balls or printed notebooks which in turn gives opportunities for them to connect with outsiders and members to get involved.

Universities and Colleges- Universities and colleges are like little towns in their own right. Some are like big towns. They are also run like big businesses. For the past twenty years or so, these big educational establishments have been increasing keen to engage with local businesses people of all sorts. Universities and colleges wants to attract candidates and they use promotional cotton bags, printed pens, printed stress balls, personalised USBs, printed coasters and keyrings as gifts to potential students on open days and at university fairs.

Personalised gifts are used by many networking organisations at shows and exhibitions to promote business. Local communities, societies and associations will also use printed pens and bags to promote themselves at fairs and other local events.

Branded merchandise can be used at product launches, festivals and shows, sports clubs, conventions where like minded people gather and will appreciate the promotional gifts.

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by Muni#