Promotional Hand Fans

Promotional Hand Fans

Promotional Fans

Promotional folding hand fans are the perfect compliment to any wedding, party or special event. Economical, durable and long lasting, they will add a decorative touch to your event, and remain as a long lasting memento.

They come in fabric, paper, wood and plastic folding fans are available with or without your custom imprint and you will be sure to find one that will match your theme and budget. You can choose from wide collection of backgrounds and layouts, design your own or let us do it for you.

Promotional decorative and custom printed fans not only make great wedding and event favourite and souvenirs, but have a myriad of uses before, during and after the wedding ceremony or event.

Just a few ways to use our custom printed hand fans:

  • Fan Invitation – Have your event or wedding invitation printed on a fan. You can even provide the RSVP cards, inserts and mailing boxes, envelopes or tubes.
  • Fan Program – Printing your wedding program on fans adds an elegant decorative touch and keep guests cooler and more comfortable.
  • Promotional Fans – Perfect for promoting your business, club, organization or event.
  • Fan Menus – restaurants, weddings, events – Print your menu on fans and put one at each place setting.
  • Fans for Sporting Events and Rallies – Sports fans can show their spirit as well as keep cool. Give fans to your fans!
  • Event Programs – Why not print your event programs on a fan to keep your guests cool?

Provide each of your guests with the “Language of the Fan” and watch the fun begin!


Promotional fan supplier of custom printed hand fans with more styles and print options available anywhere.

If you are planning an event or promotion and need a unique way to get your message across promotional fans & with the right fan personalized with your logo or message.

Personalized hand fans also make great invitations, programs, table markers, menus and party favourites for your special occasion. We can design a special fan for your wedding, anniversary celebration, birthday party, quinceañera, wedding shower, bachelorette party, etc.

Nothing is better on a hot day than having a great breeze to cool you off. Fortunately, with our selection of personalized hand fans and paper fans, you can have that feeling everywhere, and with a unique style that matches you! We can customize dozens of designs to suit your taste and help you get the exact look you want. These make perfect items for advertising a business, event, or team, as well as great favourites and gifts for outdoor occasions like weddings and parties. They will help you stay comfortable in hot weather, and they will spread your message through the community with ease.

Choose from a variety of designs and styles to suit your taste. We have everything from classic bread slice designs to oriental paper fans and more. Whether you are looking for an elegant floral style or a more traditional square design, we have you covered. Add the text of your choice with dozens of color and font options to create the perfect look. Also, we can add art and logos to help you get a final product that is unique to you. Adding a touch of personalization will help you stand out from the crowd, and give you an easy way to stay in the memories of everyone from customers to friends and family.

Custom hand fans are a great way to show your support for a local team or club, or to promote and advertise your business or event, without spending a fortune. We provide a variety of options to match any budget so that you can get the perfect design for your needs with ease. Since they are a great way to cool off, they are sure to be enjoyed by everyone you hand them out to! If you need help with your order, feel free to contact our expert customer support team. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate satisfaction and shopping experience, and will help you get the customized hand fans you want quick and easy.

Personalised Hand fans are perfect for promotions, weddings, concerts, sporting events, festivals, and more, our huge selection of hand fans are a great way to distribute your message to a crowd

If you are planning an event or promotion and need a unique way to get your message across Contact FT Promotions who can provide you with the right fan personalized fans with your logo or message.

Our personalized hand fans also make great invitations, programs, table markers, menus and party favours for your special occasion. We can design a special fan for your wedding, anniversary celebration, birthday party, wedding shower, bachelorette party, etc.

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Personalised Stress Balls

Personalised Stress Balls

Personalised Stress Balls are popular best selling promotional gifts. They have been an industry classic for many years due to their advertising reach and usability.

Promotional Stressball’s are a fantastic popular low cost way of getting your message across. When at a exhibition stand just squeeze the stress ball and see the potential client wanting to do the same. Squeezing stress balls can be called addictive as clients will keep on squeezing and your message will be seen many times after the event.

Promotional stress toys are fun, colourful and available in a wide range of styles to suite the requirement of your industry. From time to time working with clients to create a bespoke stress item or bespoke stress ball to meet your requirement.

Printed stress balls can be pad printed with your logo or company name and come in a range of colour options to provide you with vibrant canvas for your promotional message. Our branded stress balls which has a large printing area which allows plenty of room for your corporate message to be seen.

Promotional stress balls have a massive target audiences, children, adults, professionals and so on can all find space for stress ball in their lives. Take the stress out of your next promotion and advertising drive with personalised stress balls.

We hold plenty of different shapes, sizes and colours in our personalised stress toy range and all of them can be customised with your design. So if you’re promoting your local dentist with a Tooth Stress Item to hand out before their check up or a custom printed Earth Stress Item for promoting a greener earth,  or Promotional Stress Cow for farmers market, we have something for everyone. They’re great for any kind of giveaway and with, with a style to suit everyone, you’ll never run short of a promotional stress toy!

When you’re in need of a different take on your squeezy stress toy, our custom printed Fidget Spinner will provide you with hours of entertainment. Held between your finger and thumb, you can swizzle away the stress. Plus, it’s small enough to slip into your pocket and take with you on all your journeys.


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Promotional foldable Bags

Promotional folding bags customised with your company logo. Second to pens, branded bags are the most popular promotional item in the UK and will be used repeatedly. Folding promotional bags are the ultimately multi use small then big promotional giveaway.

Promotional reusable tote bags are the perfect combination of fashion and eco friendliness. Our reusable folding totes allow your bag to become a walking billboard for prospects. Branded tote bags are the ideal way to help your customer never forget your brand at home. Choose from over a dozen reusable tote bag options including football, lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry and non-woven bags in a huge variety of styles and colours. As a leading bag supplier in the promotional gift industry,   customizable, printed tote bags. Let our custom folding bags be your jump into the promotional future and emblazon one of these goodies with your logo.

Promotional foldable bags are popular reusable bag for retail promotions – can be used as a giveaway or sold at point of purchase. Also popular for promotional events such as conferences & trade/consumer shows. Branded promotional foldable bags can be customised to fold into a wide selection of various shapes and sizes.

Printed re-usable foldable shopping bags are ideal for making your brand stand out from the crowd. Nobody wants to lug around a big bag all day or carry on buying plastic carrier bags at 5p a time, do they? Promotional foldable shopping bags last long, are compact, convenient and quality made; a match made in heaven!

Foldable Shopping Bag

Customised range of fold away shopping bags can be customised to suit your personal needs. If you’re looking to promote your brand, these reusable bags are your best bet. They’re eco-friendly too, which will further add to the appeal. Not only will people be exposed to your brand’s logo, they’ll associate your business with being green!

The beauty of these printed bags is that they’re really useful. It’s all very well having products that promote your business, but if they’re not particularly suitable for everyday use, they’ll be tossed to the side and forgotten about. And you don’t want that for your brand, do you? Foldable shopping bags make for perfect promotional giveaways.

Branded foldable bags are a fantastic and convenient choice. A range of colours and sizes to suit any business needs. With the shopping bag costing 5p there has never been a better time to introduce Personalised fold up shopping bags.

Promotional folding shopping bags with a pouch are fashionable and funky Folding Totes collection includes expertly crafted designs guaranteed to increase brand exposure and attract new prospects. Showcase your sustainable-centric brand with a custom design order of eco-friendly Folding Totes. Promote eco-responsible efforts on a medium that sparks interest, admiration and appreciation.

Personalised Fold Up Shopping Bags are perfect for slipping into your bag or pocket for when you need them later. This handy, lightweight personalised shopping bag folds up small for easy transport and storage, complete with a practical belt clip. Ample space for your company name, brand or logo!

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Printed Balloons

Printed Balloons

Printed Balloons & promotional Balloons

Printing Balloons are inexpensive, yet effective advertising tools.

Promotional Balloons can be an excellent marketing tool, especially when used in conjunction with other promotional items. You can use custom printed promotional balloons as giveaways during special events, business conferences, during an open house, at trade fairs… there are so many ways you can use them to convey your marketing message.

Personalised balloons are inexpensive, yet effective advertising tools.

Not only Printed Balloons are a reliable, cost effective way to promote an event, festival or shows. They are a popular choice for Product Launches, Grand Openings, Corporate Events, Giveaways, Galas, Proms and Releases.

Make your business stand out from the crowd by choosing Promotional Balloons with your own corporate logo or a special message; we can print multiple colours onto Latex 12” balloons.

All balloons can also come with accessories  which you may also require: Balloon Cups and Sticks, Helium, Heli-Valves with Ribbon, Balloons Pumps etc.

Printed Balloons

Printed Balloons Personalised with your logo

Branded balloons  or corporate balloons can create great focal points when displayed in bunches, this proves popular for Corporate dinners and events, they are also ideal for new store openings and a perfect way to promote any new business.

Printed balloons make a fantastic decoration for corporate event, as well as goody bags. With over 75 latex balloon colours to choose from, we can co-ordinate with any corporate colour scheme or branding.

If you are planning an event soon please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Branded Merchandised – Where are the used?

Branded merchandise is a wide term which encompasses all promotional items. This means any product which can be branded with logo is classified as branded merchandise.

Below I have listed popular places branded merchandise are used and is targeting your client is a must.

Conference – Conferences are full of people with common interest. You can use printed lanyards, id badges, promotional pens which are popular promotional branded gifts.

Exhibitions – Exhibitions are obviously full of business people with a common interest. At exhibitions popular promotional products includes printed pens, promotional USBs, Printed Stress balls

Seminars- Seminars attract business people of all sorts and you can use high end promotional merchandise like Promotional Parker Stainless Steel Pens, printed Laptop bags, personalised blue tooth speakers, or Virtual reality headset because the number of people coming to seminars will be limited and high flyers from different businesses.

Training Courses – Open training courses are excellent for meeting like minded business people who are in the industry. You can add value my offering promotional pencils, printed note pads, printed calculators which has a broad appeal and your client will appreciate it.

Chambers of Commerce- All town centres have at least one chamber of commerce specifically to bring local business people together and they hold open days in the evening or will be at local fun days where they give out printed cotton bags, personalised pens, printed wristbands to encourage local business to join.

Professional body – Every profession and trade has a represented and connected by at least one official body, which tends to act on behalf of it’s members and also offers various promotional printed gifts like printed powerbanks, printed magnets, promotional stress balls or printed notebooks which in turn gives opportunities for them to connect with outsiders and members to get involved.

Universities and Colleges- Universities and colleges are like little towns in their own right. Some are like big towns. They are also run like big businesses. For the past twenty years or so, these big educational establishments have been increasing keen to engage with local businesses people of all sorts. Universities and colleges wants to attract candidates and they use promotional cotton bags, printed pens, printed stress balls, personalised USBs, printed coasters and keyrings as gifts to potential students on open days and at university fairs.

Personalised gifts are used by many networking organisations at shows and exhibitions to promote business. Local communities, societies and associations will also use printed pens and bags to promote themselves at fairs and other local events.

Branded merchandise can be used at product launches, festivals and shows, sports clubs, conventions where like minded people gather and will appreciate the promotional gifts.

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